Portland's classic bossa and Brazilian jazz band

Tristeza de Nós Dois

February 10, 2018

Here’s another beautiful song. Written by Durval Ferreira, Mauricio Einhorn and Bebeto, it’s been recorded by Wanda Sá (interesting piece on the singer), Nara Leão, Sergio Mendes, and Joyce, among others. Jobim recorded an instrumental version that references the trumpet outro in Sá’s rendition. One interesting thing about this tune is that in almost every version we’ve listened to, the intro is in a different key, so it’s kind of surprising when the actual tune begins. The memorable melody begins with wide intervals.

Sá, whose voice now reminds us somewhat of Betty Carter’s, sang with a breathy, girlish tone back in the bossa nova era. We are enchanted by the way she sings this song about nostalgia for a lost love.

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