The great vocalist Elis Regina recorded a vivacious version of this song on her 1965 album Samba Eu Canto Assim. But the song’s composer, Théo de Barros, released a pretty swinging version 15 years later on his album Primeiro Disco. The composer both played guitar and sang. Both the lyrics and the changes are slightly different from Elis’s version. (Joyce also does a really nice version on her tribute album to Elis.)

The tune is about an impoverished young boy who must sell oranges in the street to help support his single mother. It’s amazing how de Barros transforms such a sobering topic  into such beautiful music.


This is one of the most beautiful songs we’ve ever heard. While you may be familiar with the Bebel Gilberto version, the song’s composer, Chico Buarque, recorded it several times (in both Portuguese and Italian). The harmony includes a lot of dominant seventh chords voiced with the seventh in the bass; the chords create a suspended, dreamlike setting for the melody.

In the late 1960s, Buarque recorded a multi-volume anthology of original music. This version of Samba e Amor, which features a jazzy trumpet, comes from the fourth record. The song is written from the perspective of a sleepy person who observes the buzz of the city after spending the night in a haze of samba and love.